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Troop 142 is Chartered through Waters Edge Church at 5475 Coit Rd in Frisco, Texas.


We meet on Monday evenings at 7pm and our meetings generally last about an hour.



Troop 142 is a boy-led troop that uses the patrol method in scouting. The troop is primarily funded by fundraising dollars. We have an outdoor event once a month and attend week-long summer camps and high adventure camps each year.

If you’re interested in visiting our troop, please click the button below and submit an interest form and we'll get back to you with a list of upcoming events!

New scouts will officially join the troop in March of each year.


Please contact our Membership Chair, Shivani Kaul if you are have any additional questions about our Troop or are interested in joining.

Each generation goes further than the generation preceding it because it stands on the shoulders of that generation. You will have opportunities beyond anything we’ve ever known.

See the Documents page for code of conduct and additional Troop information


eddie-rickey-photo (1).jpg

Eddie Rickey


Eddie has been an adult leader for 8 years, and has held leadership roles from Den Leader to Cubmaster to Scoutmaster. He see scouting as a change to make an impact on our society.

Favorite thing about the troop

I love the culture: Making memories!

jon-larkin (1).jpg

Jon Larkin

Assistant Scoutmaster

Jon is an Eagle Scout and has been an adult leader in scouting for nearly a decade. He enjoys giving his sons the opportunity to learn leadership skills in the woods and meet new and exciting snakes.

Favorite thing about the troop

There's a real effort to provide the scouts with room to learn, and positive encouragement to help them grow into leaders.

larry-victory (1).jpg

Larry Victory

Assistant Scoutmaster

Larry has 6 years of experience in scouting. He sees scouting as a way to spend time with his son and support the troop with their activities.

Favorite thing about the troop

Spending time with my son and other scouts. Watching them learn new things. Watching the growth in the scouts as they learn new things and become more independent.


Justin Ewing

Assistant Scoutmaster

danny-man (1).jpg

Danny Mann

Assistant Scoutmaster

Danny has been involved in scouting for 8 years. He enjoys watching his son mature through the program and enjoys being a part of the growth of each member of our troop.

Favorite thing about the troop

For every situation encountered, whether negative or positive, we use the term "Making Memories" to always spin the situation into a positive one.


Subhash Chand

Assistant Scoutmaster

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